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byCharlieW, March 21, 2013
Life of Fred is a clever, engaging series of books - from elementary to college level - that can be used as a supplement or whole math curriculum. The chapters are just the right-sized treasure troves packed with nuggets of math concepts, as well as cultural, language and life lessons. The practice sections at the end of each chapter help reinforce learning from previous chapters. Life of Fred is something you have to read to get. Last night we read about Magellan and how the Pacific Ocean got it's name all woven through a delightful, ongoing story about a young math genius named Fred who teaches at a university. One little chapter included time, cardinality, sets, addition/subtraction and lots more. It can also be self-directed depending on your reader. For us, it is my son's most requested bedtime reading.
byCharlieW, February 22, 2013
The Dyslexic Advantage Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain
The last thing a parent wants to hear is that there is something "wrong" with their child. Reading The Dyslexic Advantage gave us a fresh and encouraging insight and perspective in the way we look at our Dyslexic son. (All kids/learners really). We truly look at his Dyslexia now as a gift. The Dyslexic Advantage helps us understand what's going on in his beautiful brain and celebrate who and how he is instead of lamenting what he is not.
byCharlieW, February 22, 2013
Handwriting Without Tears
Of course HWT would be in the resources w great products like Easyread. I am a former Montessori teacher and used HWT in the elementary environment. Now I am a homeschooling mom w an 8 yr old Dyslexic son (and a lefty). We use both the printing and cursive books and like Easyread - handwriting is painless and fun and he feels good about his writing.
byCharlieW, February 22, 2013
Easyread System
"Great" is how my 8 yr old son rates Easyread. He is Dyslexic and reading anything had become physically uncomfortable for him. Last year we searched for some support and feel so lucky to have found Easyread. We noticed an improvement right away. It is a slow and steady process for him - and we consistently see progress. Easyread is easy and painless and fun. It addresses many key elements my son needs and gives him confidence to read outside of the lessons. We know it can seem expensive to some people - but what we would have had to do with traveling to tutors and general aggravation - Easyread has proven its value to us. Thank you Easyread!

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