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Our daughter (Year 2) was really not progressing in reading and was 15 months behind in her reading age. She was not only struggling but becoming more aware of the struggle and was very reluctant to read at all. Easyread has changed all that. She is now on a very steep curve upwards in her reading ability and has so much more confidence in herself. She often picks up books and reads them now and although we still have a lot of the course to go (currently on lesson 78) we are very happy with her progress so far. She loves the characters and the games and has stopped the habit she had of guessing. It is quite funny when she reads a page with only the characters much faster than me and I have to ask her to slow down so that I can check she is correct. We also love the support we get and know that any queries will be answered within 24 hours and we can phone up to have a chat about any issues our daughter has and the easyread staff are always very helpful. All i can say is a big Thank you and I am so glad we found Easyread.

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