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Easy Read is the solution we were looking for
My 7 year old daughter had been struggling with reading since Kindergarten. She would guess words and when I would ask her to read to me she would refuse to and get very angry about it. I always figured she would just learn to read on her own and let her be. However When she started 2nd grade it became more apparent that she was falling way behind (she has a twin brother and therefore I could see how far ahead he was though I always tried not to compare them). In a desperate attempt one night when my daughter began to show signs of frustration and feeling "stupid", I came across the Easy Read system online. I decided that even though it was pricey that it was worth a try after everything I read and saw on the website. I can honestly say that we are now in our sixth month of doing the lessons on a regular lesson and I have noticed a significant improvement. The guessing has diminished almost completely and little by little we are working on getting her confidence up. She is still not at grade level but at least I see that she is well on her way to great progress.
I would recommend the Easy Read System to any parent who's child is struggling with reading. You will not regret it!

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