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Easyread changed our lives!!!
As a Mom ready to pull my hair out with a little girl aged 8 so eager to learn to read but so frustrated that reading became a complete nightmare and a constant fight every day trying to do homework. I went in search of a solution or tool to help me understand why this was happening and came across Easyread. I watch the intro video and was convinced David was referring to Donae as he spoke. Well within a few days Donae wanted to read and would actually get her homework done just to be able to do easyread or "David" as she called it. We have not looked back and still enjoy our daily Easyread session. We have a reading agent it training and her reading and self confidence has improved dramatically. She now reads with confidence and enjoys it! Her younger brother Ethan has also just started his reading agent training and also loves the reading and games. I too have been most impressed by the constant hands on support of the Easyread team. Being in South Africa I assumed it would be difficult to communicate but have not once had a problem. Thanks to the whole Easyread team for changing my and my childrens lives.

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