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Rapid Plus

This is a series of finely levelled books and software for SEN and struggling readers at KS3. It covers National Curriculum Levels 1a–3a (reading ages 6:6–9:6), and each reading book contains a fiction and a non-fiction text to give students variety and a broad reading experience. They also have a 'before reading' page to tune readers in to the story, and a quiz page to test comprehension, word knowledge and spelling. The Rapid Plus online software brings together all the reading books as e-books, with features such as 'Read to me', where students can hear the story read in a fluent, engaging way, and clickable prompts, so they can hear a particular word if they get stuck on it. There are also interactive activities to test comprehension, spelling and word knowledge. The teaching guide includes step-by-step guidance for one-to-one and group reading.
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