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Dyslexia Action

Dyslexia Action is a charity that provides solutions for dyslexia and help with literacy interventions. They employ over 275 specialist teachers and four chartered psychologists and work with over 80 independent consulting psychologists, aiming for their specialist staff to give you guidance and support to children and adults. They provide a range of services, available through local centres and teaching locations, including many schools around the UK.
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Dyslexia Action Sheffield
My daughter had her assessment here and they were brilliant at explaining everything in detail. Poppy has a lesson here once a week, it has really improved her self esteem

Should be good, but....
With their focus on dyslexia, especially amongst the young, Dyslexia Action should be well placed to provide diagnosis and support. The office in Egham was not helpgful to us unfortunatley. We paid for an ed psych report, but the verbal feedback and the written report differed markedly, which was never properly ecplained in a subsequent meeting. We ended up going to a private ed psych who gave a much clearer diagnosis and assistance.

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