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John Bainer, Psychologist

I am an Educational Psychologist with 16 years experience of working for local educational authorities and 3 years working in private practice.  Prior to becoming an EP, I was a teacher for 20 years within both the private and state sectors.  As I go about my work as an EP, I am constantly appreciative of the early grounding I had at the ‘chalkface’ as a teacher.  I have extensive experience of assessing cognitive functioning, academic attainments, learning needs, and social and behavioural difficulties in children and young people from ages 3 to 18.  Much of my work also involves exploring the children’s needs and strengths with parents, teachers and others professionals and then feeding back to them and planning ways forward.  I have an in-depth understanding of special needs provision in the state sector, including Statementing and Access Arrangements for GCSE.
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