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Silke Hamilton, OTR/L, ATP, SWC

At OTchildren we specialize in the care and treatment for children from birth to 21 years of age. Therapy is designed to look like “play” to children, while the therapist draws on extensive experience to provide challenging activities aimed at achieving the next level in each area of development.AT.jpg At OTchildren we are concerned not only with developmental milestones, but also with the quality of movement that affects how much a child will participate and engage with others. Oftentimes even a small deficit can cause problematic behaviors, impacting a child’s emotional and social abilities as well as family life and relationships. At OTchildren we address these areas as interdependent for growth and progress in all.
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OT Children
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I don't know where my son would be without Silke!
When everybody else told me to give up and just accept my son's inability to function, Silke was a bright light of hope. She continuously helped us find ways to improve his cognitive function and social skills. She made me realize that there is always an option, it's a matter of finding the answer. She did regular OT and Therapeutic Listening with him which really helped his handwriting and coordination. Her patience, persistence and mostly her personal support were an integral part of my son's healing. I am so glad we found her!

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