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Dr. Bradford Murray, OD

Bradford G. Murray, O.D. has a unique specialty practice that provides the following vision care services:
  • Specialty Vision Examinations, including Assessment of Visual Skills for Academic and School Performance, ADHD, Reading, Sports Achievement, Autism, Lazy Eye, and many other Functional Vision Related Conditions Vision Therapy and Sports Vision Training for Children and Adults - All Ages 
  • Treatment for Learning-related Vision Problems, including ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Reading, and Eye Tracking and Teaming Problems, etc. 
  • Treatment for Developmental Delays, including Autism and Other Spectrum Related Issues 
  • Treatment for Strabismus (eye turns) and Amblyopia or Lazy Eye  Visual Rehabilitation for Special Populations, including Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries, Stroke, Whiplash, Developmental Delays, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. 
  • Treatment for Stress-related Visual Problems, including Nearsightedness, Headaches or Computer Vision Syndrome 
  • Treatment for Motion Sickness, Vertigo, and/or Dizziness Due to Vision Problems (Previously Undetected or Otherwise)  Sports Coordination Eye Exercises, Vision
  • Training and Visual Therapy - Improving Athletics and Academics Simultaneously Syntonics (Light Therapy or Phototherapy) - an Optometric Specialty
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Lighthouse Optometric Vision Performance Center
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