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bymom23greatkids, March 1, 2013
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Dyslexia Quest
I downloaded this app yesterday and played it while I was waiting for my kids. It is a series of games to be played to progress up the "mountain". I played as an adult and it certainly gave me a run for my money! I have not tried the other levels, but I'm sure they are a lot easier as they are broken down into age levels. There are different challenges to test your visual, auditory and working memory; one game is to remember a series of numbers in order, increasing in length, then backwards! It was hard. Another was to remember a series of activities to do by listening and then visually repeating them.It is al lkinesthetic too, as you ahve to touch the screen to communicate and answer. At the top of the mountain, you are given your results based on your strengths and weaknesses in auditory, visual and working memory. I can see how it would really help to develop your processing skills, as it is incremental and given enough playing time, you could really excell. I really liked it, as it reminded me of things we did in vision therapy and some of the tests administered in development assessments, but done in a fun way. Also, you can play it as many times as you like to get better...
bymom23greatkids, February 25, 2013
My ten year old son has always struggled with reading and spelling. I have tried numerous programs with him, to no avail. No amount of trying to make it fun for him was working and he was starting to shut down. Then we found Spellmagic! We are only a month into the program, but he loves it! He asks to do his daily lesson and can't wait to sit down and figure out the daily story. The biggest change I've seen is his ability to slow down and read each word; before Spellmagic he would race ahead and make numerous errors in his reading. Slowing him down to decode will certainly augur well for spelling, as he has to slowly build a word back up to spell. The program is so much fun for him, so he practices reading and spelling effortlessly! It really is "magic" to have him slow down to decode and read, then encode to spell the word again. This program has multi levels of support, for both child and parent. My sons feels he has a relationship with David even though they have never even spoken! There are numerous incentives sent to him as prizes and achievement rewards. He is incentivised by these and the daily games he gets to play; he is learning to set short term goals. The best thing is my son now knows he can decode anything, as long as he uses the skills he learns in Spellmagic! He is writing words in a whole new light, slowing down and building each word! I am excited to see his skills continue to unfold in this program and his continued enjoyment to read and spell. Thanks Spellmagic; YOU'RE REALLY MAGIC!

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