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Dyslexia Quest

by mom23greatkids, March 1, 2013
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I downloaded this app yesterday and played it while I was waiting for my kids. It is a series of games to be played to progress up the "mountain". I played as an adult and it certainly gave me a run for my money! I have not tried the other levels, but I'm sure they are a lot easier as they are broken down into age levels. There are different challenges to test your visual, auditory and working memory; one game is to remember a series of numbers in order, increasing in length, then backwards! It was hard. Another was to remember a series of activities to do by listening and then visually repeating them.It is al lkinesthetic too, as you ahve to touch the screen to communicate and answer. At the top of the mountain, you are given your results based on your strengths and weaknesses in auditory, visual and working memory. I can see how it would really help to develop your processing skills, as it is incremental and given enough playing time, you could really excell. I really liked it, as it reminded me of things we did in vision therapy and some of the tests administered in development assessments, but done in a fun way. Also, you can play it as many times as you like to get better...

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