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Catch Up Literacy

Catch Up Literacy is a structured one-to-one intervention for learners (aged 6-14) who find reading difficult. It addresses all aspects of the reading process: word recognition and language comprehension. Following a comprehensive assessment, 15 minute one-to-one sessions are delivered twice a week, usually by teaching assistants or teachers.The individual sessions are targeted to the needs of individual learners and have three parts: the adult talks through the text and pictures of a carefully selected book, providing key vocabulary and familiarising the child with the story: the child then reads the story whilst the adult records progress and identifies words to follow up: a linked writing or spelling activity based on the child's difficulties earlier in the session. The adult helps the child with the reading and spelling of the word using a variety of methods, including phonics and the visual recognition of irregular words.Support materials for parents and carers include Catch Up Literacy leaflets for parents and carers (http://www.catchup.org/Resources/CatchUpLiteracyleafletsforparentsandcarers.aspx) and Catch Up Digital Games (http://www.catchup.org/Resources/CatchUpdigitalgames.aspx)
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