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Sarah Couchman ND BSc D.O. Naturopath

With over 15 years experience in structural and systemic health care, Sarah continues to help those in need of a more focused response to every day health issues.

Delivering a unique combination of spinal and systemic health care Sarah sees clients with long-standing pain and illness ranging from unresolved back pain to infertility and weight gain.

Sarah trained originally in Osteopathic Medicine before continuing her professional training with the London School of Natural Medicine (LCNM) in Naturopathy. Sarah specialises in promoting optimum health for all age ranges. She uses specific techniques such as; celloid mineral assessments, allergy testing and bio-typing to ensure a simple and effective road map to health and wellbeing.
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The Wellbeing Clinic
Headington, OX3 7BL
01865 751111

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