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byODowd , March 28, 2013
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Barton Reading and Spelling
I have been tutoring students using the Barton Program for almost six years now and I can tell you this program really works. I started with my own son who was diagnosed with moderate dyslexia. I have never had a parent even remotely comment that their child was NOT progressing. All of them have been extremely excited to see their children finally begin to read and spell. I have heard so many stories of parents who tell me that their child is happy and confident. Their standard test scores have risen dramatically and I even hear of kids winning spelling bees in their class! Not only is it a great program, Susan Barton herself is so helpful with parents, tutors, etc. THere are many games that can be incorporated into lessons that students love. I highly recommend it to any parent who's child is dyslexic or struggling with reading and spelling.

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