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Davis Dyslexia Correction


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Some benefit but not the answer
It was through a Davis Program facilitator that we first confirmed my daughter's dyslexia. Dr. Davis' book is very intriguing and I think it was an important step in helping us first understand how dyslexics differ. Dr. Davis formulated an extensive program but I believe he did not have a complete picture. Now we know so much more about the brain. My 8 year old daughter went through the Program and we committed to continuing the work at home for a good year. It did help my daughter finally see letters as letters and not to morph them into different things. That was good and took some effort. But after a year of building words with clay and committing them to visual memory I noticed that any decoding ability that my daughter had known and used previously was lost. She could not even sound out small words! I knew there was a disconnect with Davis' theory and with further research I landed on Guided Phonics (Easyread System) which is truly working at retraining the dyslexic brain. Though Davis' findings were one piece of the puzzle and I respect his work it was not the full answer.

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