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Lexia Reading ®

Lexia Reading is a successful, web-based computer aided reading system with several programs.  It is predominantly phonics-based, beginning at initial letter level, and includes a simple comprehension element.  It will take children to a level where they can read independently and access the curriculum text books at secondary school.   Students are initially assessed and placed at the correct stage in the program.  The computer then keeps track of their progress and provides extra practice on aspects which they find difficult.  Your child will be automatically promoted to the next level as they progress.   Lexia Reading software is used successfully in thousands of schools in the UK and it is possible for children who are using Lexia within school to also use it at home on the school’s licence, if the school agrees.  If you are a teacher and would like to use Lexia in your school, please visit LexiaUK Ltd at www.lexiauk.co.uk.  However, if your child’s school does not have Lexia Reading, it is now available at a substantial discount given by the publishers, for parents to purchase for their child to use at home.  For more information visit: www.everybodylearns.co.uk and go to the ‘Lexia Reading Software’ section.
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Lexia Reading Software Program
My daughter has mild dyslexia and my son is a competent reader. Both have used the Lexia Reading Program regularly at home and have made a great deal of progress with their reading. My daughter, in her third year of Secondary school, says she feels much happier now in terms of succeeding with her school work. The improvement in her reading has also had a positive impact on her spelling and writing too.
My children like using Lexia as they are learning on a computer screen with exciting graphics. The computer assesses where they are when they start for the first time, and then places them on a suitable part of the program. Throughout Lexia the computer gives them extra practice on skills that they may have some difficulty with.
Overall a great,value for money product which I can strongly recommend.

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Lexia Reading Programme
My six year old son was having really difficulty with his reading. Lexia Home reading programme has helped him tremendousely. I set it up for him on his own netbook and away he went. He spends three 20 minute sessions per week ( school holidays excluded) and he is already over half way through level three and the difference in his skill base is really noticeable, it has also built his confidence with literacy and reading in general. The programme is written in such a way as to make the learning fun - My son has his favourite parts which he seem to excel at!! I cannot recommend this enough - a breakthrough in learning for children left behind in the classroom!! Also supported with workbooks which re-inforce the learning and continue to refresh their memory..Fully supported by office staff also, should queries or difficulties arise - they are full of helpful suggestions when your child hits hurdles within the levels.

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