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byjjmueller, March 1, 2013
The blocks have helped our two children 7 & 9 yrs.

We especailly appreciate the explanations. When you know the 'why' it can help you remember and make sense of what is being taught.

(Example: Do you know what the "ty" stands for in sixty? -- Old English suffix –tig, which means “group of ten.” -- makes sense: 6 tens)

We have only been using the program for a few months but we've noticed a difference.
byjjmueller, February 28, 2013
Handwriting Without Tears
Our children liked the 'stories' that went with letter formation. As a home schooling family it was nice to have some guidance.

However, after a while, our children kept asking 'why can't I make the letter 'd' this way instead?' -- I didn't have an answer. I do feel that it is good to have a basic understanding of letter formation. But after that, if the hand writing is legible, I don't care how the letters are formed.

I would still recommend HWT as a very good program for learning to write.
byjjmueller, February 26, 2013
Game Goo
Our children liked the lower levels, but became frustrated when it became too difficult. They would play the easier levels and say that the others were 'too hard'. Perhaps if there was a way to lock the levels that they have mastered and force them to move on.

The bottom line is that did not help our two children who are dyslexic and have trouble with auditory processing to progress in their learning.
byjjmueller, February 26, 2013
Reading Eggs
Reading Eggs did not help our two children who are dyslexic and have trouble with auditory processing.

While they found it fun to do they became frustrated when it became too difficult. They would repeat the easier lesson and were not able to, nor motivated to, move on.
byjjmueller, February 23, 2013
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Easyread System
From tears to smiles!! We had two frustrated children - and two frustrated parents! Nothing seemed to work.

Then we found Easyread. . . Could it really be this 'easy'? After the trial lesson, our children were asking when we were going to do the next lesson.

The brief lessons are a big plus for our children. I am impressed at how Easyread goes to the 'root' of the problem (visual learners in our case) I believe this is one of the techniques that make it such a great program.

Our children now have a new found confidence in realizing that they can decode words and read. Now the two will read "The Magic School Bus" together with each playing the role of one (or more) of the students!

As for Mom - I no longer have guilt - feeling that I'm not doing enough or doing the right thing for our children.

My family and I cannot thank Easyread enough!! We wholeheartedly recommend giving it a chance to help your child!

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