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Turning Point Technology

TurningPoint Technology's mission is to make a more accessible and inclusive world for children and adults with disabilities by providing high quality products & services at the most reasonable price possible. Teresa Westerbur, an occupational therapist, and Cheryl Kloss, a mother of twins with cerebral palsy, founded the company out of the common desire to provide services and products that would serve the needs of children and adults with disabilities at a reasonable cost. They have a range of products from assistive technologies to learner resources. Particularly relevant programs for struggling readers from pre-school to dyslexic adults are: Word Track, SuperSpell, Phoneme Track, Sound Stories, and more.
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Top Rated Academic Programs

1. Easyread System
    Category: Reading Programs
2. Barton Reading and Spelling
    Category: Reading Programs
3. Spellmagic
    Category: Spelling Programs
4. Math-U-See
    Category: Mathematics Programs
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