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Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a school-based literacy programme for the lowest achieving children aged five or six that enables them to reach age-expected levels within 20 weeks (about two terms). It involves a short series of one-to-one lessons every day with a specially trained teacher, who provides highly responsive instruction tailored to the needs of each child. The lessons are carefully geared to identify and praise successes, promoting confident and independent behaviour. Eight out of every 10 children who complete Reading Recovery catch up with their classmates. Evidence shows that these children maintain the gains made, achieving average-to-good scores on standardised and national tests, at least until age 11. Their success with reading and writing leads to greater confidence and often results in improved attendance and behaviour, and an altogether more positive attitude towards school work. Reading Recovery has extensive evidence of effectiveness, see http://readingrecovery.ioe.ac.uk/reports/36.html
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The European Centre for Reading Recovery
Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, WC1H 0AL
020 7612 6585
020 7612 6828

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