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Priya Dhingra, Educational Psychologist

Priya works as part of The Ed Psych Practice, which is an independent practice based in Central London, United Kingdom. It consists of Educational Psychologists, Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and a Specialist Teacher who work closely with Families, Nurseries, Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, Paediatricians and other professionals to support children and young people for whom there are concerns about learning, emotional well being, and developmental progress. The Ed Psych Practice was established in January 2010.

The philosophy of the Ed Psych Practice is to provide in-depth evidence based assessments to support children and young people with a range of developmental needs across educational and home settings so that they can achieve.
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Company Name
The Ed Psych Practice
23 Harcourt Street, , W1H 4HJ
City of London
United Kingdom
078 3344 7356

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