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GameGoo is home for fun, stick-with-you education games that help students develop early reading and language skills, identitifed as important language arts building blocks in state curriculum standards. This means that when students play the GameGoo games they are practicing skills they are learning in class. The games are also based solidly on education and literacy research, full of rich stories and characters to engage students in learning adventures.
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Calum's first review - aged 8
Calum enjoyed the game with the wizard best. He tried lots of the games and enjoyed them all. He would help his brother to play the games.

Our children liked the lower levels, but became frustrated when it became too difficult. They would play the easier levels and say that the others were 'too hard'. Perhaps if there was a way to lock the levels that they have mastered and force them to move on.

The bottom line is that did not help our two children who are dyslexic and have trouble with auditory processing to progress in their learning.

game goo ... squanky the tooth taker
I liked working out the opposites and putting his teeth back in. It was Awsome!

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