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Michigan Statewide Assessment Selection Guidance

Information about testing accommodations begins in Chapter 9, page J-1. Michigan’s classrooms contain an increasingly diverse population of students. They come fromfamilies representing over 175 languages and have unique instructional needs to address. Studentsmay have academic talents, physical or cognitive disabilities, or may be learning English for thefirst time. Understanding the unique needs of students is important, both in planning instruction andin selecting assessments that most appropriately and accurately measure student progress. In the State of Michigan, all students are to participate in the assessment programs approved by theState Board of Education. For some students, accommodations routinely used during instruction maybe considered for use during the administration of the state assessment.
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Top Rated Academic Programs

1. Easyread System
    Category: Reading Programs
2. Barton Reading and Spelling
    Category: Reading Programs
3. Spellmagic
    Category: Spelling Programs
4. Math-U-See
    Category: Mathematics Programs
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