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The Whole Dyslexic Society

The Whole Dyslexic Society believes that any individual, child or adult, who has the 'gift' of dyslexia, will have the opportunity of reaching their full potential. The Society aims to improve awareness and clarity of what dyslexia really is via Public Outreach (free public talks, Conference information sessions, radio, TV, this website and social media); to fundraise to provide Bursaries for the Davis Dyslexia Correction Programs; to champion a Cognitive Equal Opportunity (C.E.O.) for all children from the moment they enter school, as this does not exist currently; and to maintain a strong, supportive Community of like-minded individuals, parents and teachers, via dinners, camps, and activity days.
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P.O. Box 33026, V7V 1H0

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1. Easyread System
    Category: Reading Programs
2. Barton Reading and Spelling
    Category: Reading Programs
3. Spellmagic
    Category: Spelling Programs
4. Math-U-See
    Category: Mathematics Programs
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