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Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears has a full suite of learning products focused on improving children's cursive and printing.
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Handwriting Without Tears
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Tried it, but couldn't keep it up
I purchased a large number of the handwriting without tears booklets to use with my son, who has developmental motor dyspraxia. At preschool they had trouble getting him to participate in any activity using a pencil or a paintbrush. Although I believe the package is fantastic, it did not work for us at the time we tried it as I couldn't afford some of the manipulative items that go with the program and so it was like using half a program. My son is now 15 and still has atrocious handwriting. Perhaps he'll become a doctor! I wish I had persisted with this terrific program designed to make letter formation easy for those with fine motor difficulties. Perhaps my

A Good System
Our children liked the 'stories' that went with letter formation. As a home schooling family it was nice to have some guidance.

However, after a while, our children kept asking 'why can't I make the letter 'd' this way instead?' -- I didn't have an answer. I do feel that it is good to have a basic understanding of letter formation. But after that, if the hand writing is legible, I don't care how the letters are formed.

I would still recommend HWT as a very good program for learning to write.

HWT Success
Hand writing has been a huge struggle until this program. There are several sensory components from gross motor wood peices to make the letters to using sponge and water on a chalk board. Very simple and very effective. The wokr book is very simple as well not overwhelming. My son is dyslexic and struggled greatly w/ any writing. He enjoys the lessons and is demonstrating good carry over with the technique. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with writing difficulties or just for begining writing skills.

It Works for Us
Of course HWT would be in the resources w great products like Easyread. I am a former Montessori teacher and used HWT in the elementary environment. Now I am a homeschooling mom w an 8 yr old Dyslexic son (and a lefty). We use both the printing and cursive books and like Easyread - handwriting is painless and fun and he feels good about his writing.

Wonderful handwriting program for my dyslexic child
HWT is an awesome handwriting program. Last Spring, my 9 year old daughter's handwriting was truly horrible and all over the place. So we just started at the beginning of the program (Kindergarten level) and daily worked through each level using the multi-sensory techniques. It has been 10 months and she is now working in the 5th Grade Level for printing. It was vey helpful in teaching her the mechanics of writing in a way that worked for her. Her handwriting is becoming more automatic and consistent over time. Her ability to do copy work as well as her free handwriting has dramatically improved. Very simple and easy progressive lessons for the child.

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