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All About Spelling

All About Spelling is a lightly scripted, open-and-go program that teaches encoding skills, spelling rules, and multisensory strategies that will help your student become a proficient speller for life. This Orton-Gillingham influenced program is complete, mastery-based, and fully customizable.. All About Spelling is a perfect fit for beginning spellers and struggling learners!
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Great for Older kids too!
I didn't find All About Spelling until my kids were 11 and 9. We had struggled with so many other programs, and nothing seemed to work. I wish we could have started with AAS right from first grade, but we are thankful to have found it. Level 1 has simple words, but filled in some important gaps with regard to rules and concepts that also apply to harder words. My kids are finishing up Levels 6 and 7 now (Level 7 includes high school level words, Greek & Latin roots, words borrowed from other languages and so on). They are much more confident in writing and spelling now. It even helped their reading level to jump 2 grade levels the first year!

Wonderful Program!
My 3 1/2 year old daughter and I began using All About Spelling and we love it! It teaches reading and spelling rules that are not taught in traditional curriculum. Not only is my daughter soaring and having fun, but I am also learning new things as well. I would highly recommend this program for those starting to read and spell, and also for those struggling with reading or spelling.

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