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bylisajb468, February 28, 2013
Handwriting Without Tears
I purchased a large number of the handwriting without tears booklets to use with my son, who has developmental motor dyspraxia. At preschool they had trouble getting him to participate in any activity using a pencil or a paintbrush. Although I believe the package is fantastic, it did not work for us at the time we tried it as I couldn't afford some of the manipulative items that go with the program and so it was like using half a program. My son is now 15 and still has atrocious handwriting. Perhaps he'll become a doctor! I wish I had persisted with this terrific program designed to make letter formation easy for those with fine motor difficulties. Perhaps my
bylisajb468, February 28, 2013
Reading Eggs
We tried reading eggs a few years ago and I'm sure it's even better now. The activities are bright and colourful and easy for young children to use. My daughter was a little too old and found it to easy, but we were unsure of how to choose the appropriate level for her. The fact that it comes with books is great, because the children feel like they are reading books as well as playing games.
My children's school uses this program as part of their homework. The games are fun and they particularly enjoy competing against children from other countries. My only concern is that children can log into any grade level (which is good if they need extra help with basics or extension), however they can just choose an easier level so that they win. This means a child who is competing at the correct level may be beaten consistently by a much older child. Apart from that it is a very engaging and motivating way to learn. Each game played earns points or credits for the student. They can use these credits to purchase outfits, hairstyles accessories etc for their avatar. We love it.
bylisajb468, February 24, 2013
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Easyread System
I am a primary school teacher. Imagine my frustration when, despite using all my knowledge and skills, my own 10 yr old daughter was still struggling to read. Until we found Easyread. This brilliant program has allowed her to feel good about herself again. She enjoys completing her lessons and loves the fact that they are short and relatively easy. And then there are the prizes, the certificates and the improvement even she can see. What I love is the personal support the team at Easyread provide. I couldn't believe it when our first interview (from Australia) was with David himself! The feed back is instant, accurate and helps to keep you on track. I have been recommending this terrific program to anyone who will listen! It is the answer to my prayers because I now don't have to worry about my daughter struggling to read. Thank you David, Jane and the rest of the team for your dedication and desire to truly make reading easy for all children. Lisa. Sydney, Australia

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