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The Dyslexic Advantage Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain


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HOPELESS! No other word can describe what I was feeling with Sadie. Sadie began Pre-K and loved evry minute of it. She started Kindergarten and again loved it she was in the top 3 of her class coming out of Kindergarten. Her first grade year was horrifying. She had reading her story to me at night, she cried every morning when I would walk her to class. I didn't know what was going on or where to turn for answers. Her teachers would tell me how precious she was and everything was going great. In second grade we had a wonderful reading teacher and the love for school came alive once again. However Sadie is not in the fourth grade and makes remarks like, "momma I'm not as fast as so and so when I read". She does struggle on a timed test but because of Easy Read giving her confidence and that sparkle in her eye I am estatic when I tell you that she just finished reading chapter 10 of a 16 chapter book to me that she checked out of the school library and when she is finished she will take a comprehension test on it! Now there's not a word a can think of to discribe the feeling I get when I listen to her read to me. Thank You Easy Read for all you do for children young and old.

Amy Lee

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