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Reading Eggs


Reading Eggs is a revolutionary product from Australian educational publisher Blake Publishing designed to get children reading by combining the best elements of online and book learning in one easy to use process. Full of educationally sound, fun and interactive activities, Reading Eggs focuses on the most fundamental skill needed in school: reading.

Children from 3 to 7 years of age or older children struggling with reading will enjoy the huge variety of reading lessons, activities and games that make up the Reading Eggs program.  

Reading Eggspress continues the reading adventure by taking children to a brand new world designed for 7 – 13 year olds focusing on comprehension and grammar. Reading Eggspress provides a unique learning environment where students’ can improve their English language and comprehension skills in a way that is exciting and relevant.

Reading Eggs contains 120 reading lessons, 96 spelling lessons, 20 comprehension lessons and a whole range of additional content to ensure children get a comprehensive learning experience. Reading Eggspress contains 200 comprehension and grammar lessons plus over 1000 ebooks, which can now be accessed on iPad, plus lots of additional content to test and support children's learning.

All new registrations to the program receive a 2 week free trial to both programs so they can make sure they are suitable for their children before purchasing a subscription. Register for a free trial and find out more information about Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress at www.readingeggs.co.uk.

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reading eggs - great for littlies
We tried reading eggs a few years ago and I'm sure it's even better now. The activities are bright and colourful and easy for young children to use. My daughter was a little too old and found it to easy, but we were unsure of how to choose the appropriate level for her. The fact that it comes with books is great, because the children feel like they are reading books as well as playing games.

Reading Eggs
I signed up to an annual subscription through an offer, I'm so pleased I didn't pay the full price. The graphics and sessions were dull. the children were not engaged and I could not see any planned progression. But then we only stuck it out for a couple of weeks.

Fun but did not help our dyslexic children
Reading Eggs did not help our two children who are dyslexic and have trouble with auditory processing.

While they found it fun to do they became frustrated when it became too difficult. They would repeat the easier lesson and were not able to, nor motivated to, move on.

Mrs Singh
This is an excellent program. My kids love it and they learn to read in a playful manner. It's fun and enjoyable. They are very keen to progress through the lessons and get the eggs. They also like to play the games. Highly recommeded to preschoolers and Primary School kids.

Reading Eggs
This is a fantastic starter programme for young learners. The system is easy to use especially for those with minimal experience using a computer or mouse. The programme keeps the young ones interested with fun characters who perform entertaining activities. Highly recommend this for pre-schoolers learning their letters, sounds and blends.

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