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Read Naturally

Read Naturally is a program used in schools which promotes phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Read Naturally's structured intervention programs combine teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. For a free 60 day trial of Read Live, our web-based intervention and assessment solution, visit http://www.readnaturally.com/products/readlivetrial.htm. Read Naturally also provides an intervention for home use called One Minute Reader. For more information, including how you can download the free started iPad app, visit www.oneminutereader.com
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Read Naturally, Inc.
2945 Lone Oak Drive, Suite 190, 55121
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Make sure your child doesn't have a visual processing issue!
My son's school provided this program for him as a means to increase his reading fluency. He complained a lot about it, and his reading instruction time became his least favorite part of school. About 3 months into the program I took him to a behavioral optometrist and found out he has visual processing issues. He hated this program because it was physically difficult for him to do it, and the program itself does not improve the visual challenges he has.

If you choose to do this program, make sure your child does not have a visual issue that is causing reading fluency problems. This program will be a huge strain for everybody if the child has to struggle through it.

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