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Davis Dyslexia Correction

The Davis Dyslexia Correction is offered by licensed Davis Facilitators and consists of these features. Davis Perceptual Ability Assessment. A screening to determine the ability to perceive multi-dimensionally and tailor the program to the student.  Davis Orientation Counseling®. The client learns to perceive accurately and correct perceptions at will. This is done through the perceptual and kinesthetic exercises described in The Gift of Dyslexia.  Davis Symbol Mastery®. Picture thinkers learn best through a visual/spatial approach. Our clients learn the basic symbols of reading and writing by creating the alphabet and other symbols as clay models. Abstract words are mastered by creating the concept of each meaning in clay along with the word.  Five consecutive days of one-to-one facilitation. For children ages 5-8 we offer a 2 week half day, parent-participation program. Support training for clients' families, tutors or teachers on the afternoon of the fifth day to ensure post-program follow-up and success. All necessary take-home materials for program follow-up. Six hours of followup consultation as needed A complete directory of licensed Davis® Facilitators can be found at www.dyslexia.com
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A good tool in the tool box
My son took this program when he was 8. It helped him stop skipping the small words while reading (as, of, the, a, but, or, of). It improved his reading scores over 1 Standard Deviation the following year. After about 1 year, it had maxed out his reading progress, so we moved on to the Wilson Reading Program (OG based). I think both programs are necessary for a dyslexic. Davis internalized the alphabet for him, taught him how to get relax and get rid of a fuzzy brain when working too hard, and totally got him to read the small words. Its a good program, but its not the only program to use.

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Davis Early Learners Programme
My son participated in this programme at age 7 and we found it absolutely invaluable. It went right back to basics and he benefited hugely. We knew he was having trouble with reading but had no idea of the confusion he was having with letters. Going through the claywork with him opened us up to a whole different way of learning. He had become clever at muddling his way through and appearing as if he knew his letters. I wish we'd known about this system sooner! It built his esteem up to move on and become a more confident learner.

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Some benefit but not the answer
It was through a Davis Program facilitator that we first confirmed my daughter's dyslexia. Dr. Davis' book is very intriguing and I think it was an important step in helping us first understand how dyslexics differ. Dr. Davis formulated an extensive program but I believe he did not have a complete picture. Now we know so much more about the brain. My 8 year old daughter went through the Program and we committed to continuing the work at home for a good year. It did help my daughter finally see letters as letters and not to morph them into different things. That was good and took some effort. But after a year of building words with clay and committing them to visual memory I noticed that any decoding ability that my daughter had known and used previously was lost. She could not even sound out small words! I knew there was a disconnect with Davis' theory and with further research I landed on Guided Phonics (Easyread System) which is truly working at retraining the dyslexic brain. Though Davis' findings were one piece of the puzzle and I respect his work it was not the full answer.

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