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All About Reading

All About Reading is a complete reading program that teaches phonics, decoding, fluency, and comprehension in a fun and engaging way. The lightly scripted, open-and-go materials contain everything your student needs to become a fluent reader for life! All About Reading is a multisensory, Orton-Gillingham influenced program and is a perfect fit for beginning readers and struggling learners!
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All About Reading: Levels pre-k, 1, and 2
I began using AAR around October 2012. We had a terrible start to our homeschool year with my 7 yr old first grader and 5 yr old kindergartner. We didn't start with ARR. AAR became our new (and saving grace) curriculum for the year. Since the start was so difficult on us all I felt we needed a "running start" so I ordered levels below where I felt they should start. I got pre-k for my daughter who turned 5 in November. I had concerns that it was too basic for her since she already knew all letter names and sounds. She picked it up from just hearing big brother. I also ordered level 1 for my seven year old. Although he was reading fairly well, he struggled with fluency and confidence. Plus, he just plain didn't care about reading in general. Imagine that from a 7 yr old boy! I started him in the middle of the lessons. It was a great place for him to start. It wasn't so simple/easy he thought it was beneath him yet it wasn't so challenging it frustrated him. He was able to complete one lesson a day and read the entire practice sheets in one sitting. He loved the sentences that built upon each other on the practice pages. He's fluency improved within the first week alone. He liked the tiles, the games, and even handled the cards well. He most loved the stories in the readers. The first time he had ever truly been engaged in a reading program. Needless to say he got the running start he needed and he finished up the program just before Christmas break. Seem days he did more than one lesson because he didn't to stop. He became a different child when it came to reading. He finally got the boost he needed.

We certainly celebrated his completion of the second half of level 1 but didn't take a break. He started right up into level 2. I don't remember exact dates but it was around the Christmas holiday. He continued to breeze right through. All the while his fluency has improved dramatically. He is also able to decode words unfamiliar to him more than ever before. The reading program he started to learn to read with never taught him WHY sounds are different at different times. It relied on him just memorizing words at the end of the day. Although he did well enough with that method, it was clearly only taking him so far. The rules and understanding of letter sounds within a word has made him able to read much larger words. It is now early May and we will finish level two in just six more lessons. These last 8 lessons are presenting more of a challenge for him and I finally feel he is where he should be. Not so easy for him anymore and making him rise to the challenge. The only downside for us as a family is that we have a long wait for level 3 to be released! He will continue to review the sound cards, word cards, and challenge sheets. He will also read the readers over the summer. My thoughts are that he will be in a practice practice practice mode from now until level 3 is released. He is quite proud of himself and I am certainly pleased with his progress. September was a grim month in our home and I was worried homeschooling was not the answer anymore. I no longer have concerns that his curriculum is lacking or that he is behind public school peers. Of course, I think that comes with confidence in our decision to homeschool as well.

I would recommend the product for any homeschoolers for sure. I also believe any child who is struggling in public school can use this as a supplement at home with parents. It isn't time consuming to add this to any routine.

The other journey through ARR has been with my daughter. She was 4 when we started. Since she already knew letter names and sounds I thought she'd be okay to start in level 1. We did a few lessons and it be and clear that it wasn't worth the emotional struggle to continue. I ordered pre-k for her and we lowered the stress level. She loved the work and improved her rhyming skills. Her weakest area at the time. She looked forward to learning with ziggy. She begged me to work with her everyday. We plugged along and she enjoyed it. That was all that mattered. She turned 5 in November. Somewhere around Christmas break I caught her with the level 1 reader. She was reading the first stories on her own! When I asked her what she was doing she confessed that she "snuck the book" into her room and practiced reading each night on her own. I praised her efforts and asked her if she wanted to try level 1 again so she could continue to red those stories. She agreed and the next day we restarted at lesson 1 and haven't looked back. She is going through it more slowly than my son did but he was 2 yrs older than her when he started and had already had year of reading instruction. She has never had any formal instruction until we started ARR. we stopped the preK level. Some days when she is wanting more work I will give her a letter worksheet to complete. She can take 2 to 3 days to get through the practice pages sometimes. She loves the games and we also got the file folder games for level 1. She also loves the stories in the readers. She can get overwhelmed by the practice pages. By I help her understand we don't do them all at once. We started. Adding stickers for each section completed. This gives her a visual reward of what she has completed. She is just over the half way mark. We plan on carrying her through until she finishes without regard to the traditional school calendar. She won't technically be in kindergarten until this fall anyhow.

What I find amazing about the program is the interest it has generated in my to very different children. They are each unique in their learning styles, interest, and abilities. Yet, each one of them truly enjoy doing the work. In fact, when given a choice of what to complete first in our day ARR is always first. They love the sticker charts to show their progress. I think it ties into self confidence and pride in accomplishment. Plus both of the children love the stories in their readers. No complaints of babyishness from my all boy 7 yr old! The worst part is when they have to stop at the end of a story. They both beg to read just one more. I have finally allowed them to preview the next story by reading the new title and looking over the pictures before we move on.

Sorry for the long review but it has made such an impact on us as a family I wanted to share our journey. We are very grateful for the program. Their customer service. Is wonderful. Very helpful and supportive anytime I've contacted them.

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