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EEG Biofeedback

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EEG Neurofeedback
We are doing a number of "helps" for our 13-yr old struggling learner with neurofeedback being just one. The jury is still out on this one as far as we're concerned as we're only half way through the recommended program. I would have to say it appears dd is sleeping better (actually staying asleep through the night) and she also seems calmer and more at peace in general since beginning the therapy. It is fascinating to watch how she can manipulate something simply by altering her brainwave frequencies. I am also encouraged by the results I have heard about from others. Just GOOGLE "neurofeedback", there's no shortage of info. out there. We are working with a Physical Therapist for this in the Indianapolis, IN area. She is also doing cranio-sacral therapy at our visits for compressions on left side of skull which appears to play a role in dd's academic struggles. Hope to see more chatting about alternative therapies on this site!

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