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Stephen Daly Optometrist

21 The Strand, Penshurst, 2222
New South Wales
02 9586 0011
Stephen Daly and his colleagues work with children with learning problems who may have difficulty with focusing, eye coordination, or eye movement skills, or with one of the many visual processing skills.They provide vision therapy to help kids learn how to use their vision and visual skills better so that they can respond more effectively to the educational input that they receive. They have a number of vision therapy programme types, depending on the individual child's situation, including in-office vision therapy programmes, home-based vision therapy programmes, computer based vision therapy programmes, orthokeratology (specific design hard contact lenses worn at night to try to slow down myopic progression in kids), vision therapy for lazy (amblyopic) eyes, and spectacle lens therapy.Stephen Daly has also conducted a children's vision tutorial and been Key Clinician on a Children's Vision Clinic at the University of New South Wales for the undergraduate optometry students for almost 20 years.

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