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This community provides an opportunity to ask questions and share experience on helping children with reading and spelling difficulties.

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What is the best help for dyspraxia,adhd,asd?

My son is 7 and we are working very hard with his reading but he is struggling and frustrated. What is the best program to help with fluency. He Trys to sound out every word. He knows his phonetics but processing is a mess. The couldn't test his comprehension because his fluency was so poor. We do a lot of work with sight words. What are some of your suggestions?
  • Replied by hoover7127on Tuesday, February 26 2013, 01:05 PM·Hide·#1
    I would suggest EasyRead. Our son Christopher has done EasyRead and went from struggling to excelling in just a few months. I don't exactly understand how or why it works. But it absolutely does! It seems too simple but it's a process of changing how he interprets words. Absolutely amazed and sold on the process. Would buy the program again.
    1 vote by CarrieVanzant
  • Replied by CarrieVanzanton Thursday, February 28 2013, 09:58 PM·Hide·#2
    Something that helped my 10 year old was reading stories to the pre-K class. This group did not judge her or care that she was reading at a 1st grade book. It help to bring her confidence up which in my opinion is half the battle.

    Good luck!
  • Replied by karen.gon Tuesday, March 05 2013, 04:03 AM·Hide·#3
    I would have to say Easyread too. My son Liam is 9 and just wasn't making progress with his reading. He was still at a beginner level and nowhere near fluent, regardless of how much practise we did. Everything had to be sounded out or guessed and he was frustrated and miserable at school. We've just passed 50 lessons of Easyread and he's finished his first chapter book! Now he's asking for books to read 'for fun' and reading to his younger brother and sister. Couldn't have imagined such an improvement and we're not finished yet!
    Replied by HiHopeson Thursday, March 28 2013, 11:22 AM·Hide·#4
    It sounds like he may be processing too slowly. That should be checked out because if he is fluency will be very hard to come by. Slow processing can be improved by programs such as the Interactive Metronome or Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE).
    Another possible answer is that he can break the words down and read them but he isn't remembering them when he sees them again. So we could be dealing with a memory issues with what is sometimes referred to as symbol imagery. Lindamood-Bell has some programs to deal with the root causes of this. Ofcourse, if he has slow processing then that will play havoc on the memory because a slow processor cannot hold onto information long enough to pass it to long term memory.
    You should find someone to determin the CAUSE of the fluency problem. Then it should all be corrected after approrpiate intervention. If you just keep having him practice over and over it's like sweeping a dirt floor.
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