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This community provides an opportunity to ask questions and share experience on helping children with reading and spelling difficulties.

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Eye Tracking Therapy Success?


My 10 yo daughter has been struggling with reading since the beginning. I alerted teachers and staff at age 6 that I thought there was an issue. Thought it dyslexia, as I observed and read commonalities of behavior in dyslexia. We have tried many avenues. Including a comprehensive vision screening at Childrens Hosp in Cincinnati. All testing shows above normal to normal. We have also engaged in many types of tutoring including Orton-Gillingham, which we are still currently pursuing. We are also engaged in the EasyReadSystem, and have been so for 9 months. While we have seen some improvement, she still lags well behind her peers, by several years. EasyRead referred me to a behavioral optometrist in our area. With the testing that was done there, we saw definite eye-tracking issues, (which we knew was a problem). Children's Hosp told us it was very minor. All other testing by the beh. opt. was normal to above normal. We have just recently begun vision therapy for eye tracking with them. Because we have been chasing this issue for many years, as you can imagine, we are skeptical, but willing to commit to the task. The eye tracking recording did show erratic eye movement during the reading a paragraph. What is the path to corrected eye tracking. Even with Vision Therapy, will there always be a struggle, or have these therapy techniques been proven to give successful results up to a normal range. I am very hopeful that this will help her. She is such a bright and entertaining child. While she is very independent and a leader, she shy's away from any task that involves reading. It's something she tries very hard at, but just can't seem to make the turn to close the gap.

There are so many other children that struggle with reading. Thanks for your help, and continued support to all these struggling students!

  • Replied by adminBonnieon Wednesday, June 12 2013, 11:46 AM·Hide·#1
    Hi Penny,
    You'll get a quicker response if you put your question on the thread he posted on. When you comment on that thread, he receives an email notifying him, and then he will come and answers.

    Best wishes,
    Bonnie at HECTR
    Replied by drjoelon Thursday, June 13 2013, 09:08 PM·Hide·#2
    Hi Penny,
    Believe it or not, your child has as a problem that is common to many school aged children. She suffers from an eye coordination dysfunction, leading to tracking issues, which can be readily evaluated and treated by a behavioral optometrist. Lenses, prisms and vision therapy sounds like the treatment of choice.
    Dr. Joel H. Warshowsky
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