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This community provides an opportunity to ask questions and share experience on helping children with reading and spelling difficulties.

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EasyRead great for homeschooling

hoover7127on Tuesday, February 26 2013, 12:52 PM
We homeschool and our 3rd son never really got reading. We have tried alot of programs and products and nothing worked. That is until he tried EasyRead and went from struggling to excelling in just a few months. I don't exactly understand how or why it works. But it absolutely does! It seems too simple but it's a process of changing how he interprets words. Absolutely amazed and sold on the process. Would buy the program again.
    Replied by jjmuelleron Wednesday, February 27 2013, 06:57 PM·Hide·#1
    Easyread is ideal for anyone whose child is having reading diffuculty. Our family highly recommends the program for Home schooling families. We have used it for our 7 & 9 yr old.

    Easyread addresses the causes of the difficulties. It helps by 'retraining' how the neurons connect in the brain; addressing 'eye tracking' difficulties. (for a much better explanation chech their website)

    Easyread has put our children well on their way to improved reading = happier children and happier mom & dad!!:D
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