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This community provides an opportunity to ask questions and share experience on helping children with reading and spelling difficulties.

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Brock String Exercise

A Behavioral Optometrist has recommended we do the Brock string test with my 7yr old son, but we are struggling with it.
Should i be getting resistance from him to do it? Can it hurt/strain the eyes?
Whilst moving the closest bead towards his nose, i get it pretty much under his nose before he starts seeing double...is this normal?
He doesn't seem to be able to keep still whilst doing it...he shuffles, moves around making it quite difficult (not isolated to this exercise, seems to happen for anything he doesn't want to do....like reading).
Kind Regards
  • Replied by bluesongson Thursday, June 13 2013, 01:24 AM·Hide·#1
    Hi Mark -- I would recommend that you copy and paste this question into the comments section below Dr Joel's article. That way he'll be sure to see it as he'll get an automatic email notification. Great question, by the way! - Sarah
  • Replied by DrBouleton Thursday, June 13 2013, 09:10 AM·Hide·#2
    I recommend you speak with your optometrist for additional help. Failing this, you can find additional guidance at http://learningmanagement.ca/brock-string/. You need to be a member and logged in to use the activities, but membership is current no charge. If the front bead is to the nose, you are most definitely close enough.
    Replied by drjoelon Thursday, June 13 2013, 09:13 PM·Hide·#3
    Hi Mark,
    In the field of behavioral optometry and through the use of vision therapy activities there is no magic technique that resolves visual dysfunction. Only through a program of guided activities with the support of lenses and prism will you see your desired results.
    1 vote by Mom2Boys
    Dr. Joel H. Warshowsky
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