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The Causes of Reading Difficulty

This site is dedicated to guiding you on how to be sure you can guide any child to the goal of reading confidently. The good news is that, in our experience, almost every child can learn to read well.

We work with children who have already fallen behind and 98% progress well with the right help. So never accept a prognosis that a child cannot learn to read.

The reality is that reading fluently is the most complex neural task most of us achieve in our entire lives. When it is all working properly, reading involves and links every major area of the brain in one seamless dance. Things can go wrong. Therefore, the place to start is the 8 Possible Causes of Reading Difficulty. Once you understand those, you will have the most essential knowledge you need, to guide someone safely up the right avenue.

Then you can look at the different approaches to teaching reading. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but our favourite by far is Guided Phonetic Reading.

Finally you can look at the different reading programs that are available, based on the various approaches. Different systems will suit different children. So we always recommend testing before committing.

You will see feedback from other parents and teachers on each reading system. So this can give you an instant steer on their effectiveness.

I am sorry it is all quite complex. I wish it were simple, but it just isn't!

- David Morgan, Morgan Learning Solutions

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