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Accommodations and workarounds to assist child in coping with classwork and homework.

Today I want to talk to you about accommodations and modifications that your dyslexic child might benefit from when struggling in the classroom and at home. These are resources that are working for Anthony. I am not a professional, simply a mom who has watched our journey evolve.
Publish Date: 18.Feb.11
Visual overload and visual crowding are common problems in every school classroom or company work group, but the mistakes and errors that result from them are rarely recognized or traced back to their true source. It is a paradox - the more you see, the less you see, but it all makes sense if one recognizes that a child or an adult's visual working memory deskspace can become easily overloaded. 
Publish Date: 05.Nov.11
Background noise can be a big obstacle to efficient classroom learning for dyslexic students. Larger classes sizes, murmurings and rustlings from fellow classmates, and a fuzziness about phonology or weak auditory working memory, can spell failure (or ADD misdiagnosis) for even very smart or determined dyslexic students. This study only looked at tone and Huggins (kind of spectral noise) sounds...a test of similar-sounding phonemes might be even more dramatic.
Publish Date: 16.Apr.12
Many students who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling have a very difficult time getting their words and ideas on paper even though they may be amazing storytellers.
Publish Date: 07.Aug.12
Music is a powerful teaching tool and the more students learn about music the more it can actually help them read.
Publish Date: 08.Oct.12
Literacy issues don’t just affect kids in the classroom.  They can have a wide-spread – and painful – impact on children. Research shows that children with learning disabilities are especially likely to suffer from self-esteem issues. As parents, we all want to be able to do something to help when our child hurts.  The good news is that there are some very specific things that the adults in their lives can do to help develop a positive self-image.
Publish Date: 15.Oct.12
Wouldn’t it be great to live a life in which no one ever made fun of you, pushed you around, spread nasty rumors about you, made insulting gestures, or excluded you from their group? You may be able to get your school to punish kids for bullying you, but that is not going to make anyone like you, respect you, or want to be your friend. In fact, it will make kids hate you and want to beat you up or get you in trouble.
Publish Date: 05.Dec.12

In the United States, if your child is falling behind the expected average in his or her schoolwork, some kind of educational plan may be drafted, approved and implemented. This may be due to a behavioral emotional, academic or medical issue

Publish Date: 15.Jan.13
For many children, preschool experiences provide an important foundation for future achievement in reading. The well-trained and experienced preschool teacher can and should play a vital part in identifying and helping children who are at risk for reading difficulties. Among all of the adults with whom a young child spends time, the preschool teacher is probably most knowledgeable about how reading and writing skills ordinarily develop from birth to age five...
Publish Date: 01.Dec.99

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